Voith IHI Paper Technology  
Voith IHI Paper Technology is a joint-venture company
established in 2001 between IHI and Voith Paper. Together,
we offer state-of-the-art technology to Japan, Korea,
Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The joint venture benefits from the strengths of both its
partners; Voith Paper with its technological expertise
and IHI with its quality manufacturing and insights into
the Japanese market.

Voith IHI Paper Technology offers the complete range of
papermaking equipment for all paper and board grades.
We offer comprehensive rebuilds, integrated products
as well as complete new lines. We provide all services to
improve the complete papermaking process from fiber
systems, graphic & specialty papers, board & packaging
grades, coating and finishing equipment, as well as rolls
and automation, and paper machine clothing.

Capital Equipments
All Voith IHI Paper Technology machines are designed
and built according to the Voith Paper technology
standards. For each paper grade under the Voith
Paper One Platform Concept, we optimally adjust the
modules from our suite of components that includes
fiber system, headboxes, forming sections, presses,
dryer sections, calendars, coating equipment, reels
and winders. Apart from these modules, tailor-made
components such as roll covers, fabrics, intelligent
automation systems and process enhancement
components ensure that all process requirements are
precisely fulfilled.

To maximize customer value, we have extended
the advantages of the One Platform Concept to our
auxiliary components - an approach we call the
Process Line Package. With this concept, Voith IHI
Paper Technology provides design, engineering,
procurement and services for all components of the
papermaking process. Voith IHI Paper Technology’s
Process Line Package helps our customers to handle
complex projects in a reliable, low-risk and costefficient

The Voith IHI Paper Technology Perfect Fit rebuild plan
enables papermakers worldwide to realize individually
customized modernization and rebuild measures for
every need. Whether for higher production, improved
quality or more efficient and environment-friendly
production, we make sure, that your machine will stay
profitable despite a challenging economic business

Products & Services
As your Lifecycle Partner, Voith IHI Paper Technology
provides fast and comprehensive products and services
to cover the daily needs for spare parts, AMB products,
troubleshooting and maintenance. In order to achieve
optimal quality and performance of the production
line, Voith IHI Paper Technology supplies a range of
leading consumable products (paper machine clothing,
roll covers, sleeves) and services for the continuous
optimization of the overall process.

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