Success Story: Daio Paper - Mishima Rinkai PM N10

Daio Paper’s production line Mishima Rinkai PM N10
was the first installation of a complete new graphic
paper production line in Japan.

This state-of-the-art, high-speed machine features
online coating and online calendaring for lightweight
coated papers. All production aspects incorporate
leading-edge technology from Voith and IHI Paper
Technology. The line is running with a crew of only nine
people and is producing 800 tons of high quality paper
every day.

Delivery, installation and start up of this new line were
possible in record time because Voith was able to meet
customer needs for the whole paper machine including
the reel and the main interfaces. Even the peripheral
machine items installed by Daio itself were monitored
through Voith IHI Paper Technology. The key to success
on this project was the close cooperation between
Daio Paper and Voith IHI Paper Technology.

Technical Data of Daio Paper Mishima Rinkai PM N10
Wire Width
Design Speed
Planned annual production
Basis weight
Paper grade
Start up
Paper on Reel
Start up speed
8.1 m
1,800 m/min
290,000 tons per year
38-80 gsm
Online wood free coated, LWC
August 2007
July 2007
Forming section 1,400 m/min

Customer's Comments -
Running at the Highest Level of Perfection

“Our N10 machine can be utilized as both film
andblade-coated. This unique, on-machine
coater is also equipped with an on-line Janus

Thanks to Voith’s continuous support through
trials with the Voith pilot machine, intensive
planning discussions with us regarding
machine layout and every technical detail,
our machine is running at the highest level of

The machine automation is highly advanced
in reproduction and in monitoring operation
quality data. The product quality earned high
evaluations from our end users, especially
regarding stiffness and printability. As it was
our expectation, we are very satisfied with
N10 machine’s smooth operation.”

Success Story: Direct Fountain Coater

Voith IHI Paper Technology developed the Direct
Fountain Coater, a curtain coating technology for the
paper industry. To date, 29 Direct Fountain Coater sets
have been sold worldwide.

Utilizing the features of multi-layer coating for other paper
grades, curtain coating is expected to expand its use from
specialty paper grades to printing papers and art papers.

Voith IHI Paper Technology’s Direct Fountain Coater provides
easy operation, with excellent contour coating quality and
highest efficiency. Through reduced coating color application
and due to non-contact process, Direct Fountain Coater
contributes to a reduction of the production costs.
The ongoing development of the colors for curtain coating
will also lead to coating with higher solid contents for graphic
papers in the future.

The Direct Fountain Coater demonstrates an interesting
alternative to film coating particularly used for wood containing
LWC paper with very lower wet strength.

With curtain coater, two or more layers can be applied
simultaneously by using Twin Direct Fountain, Tandem
Direct Fountain, or, for more than two layers the Multilayer
Plate Direct Fountain Coaters.

Advantages of Direct Fountain Coater
Low operation costs and high productivity:
Coating color saving:
 • Small coating color supply and re-circulation system
 • Durable parts
 • No operation loss time due to changing blades, rods or rolls
 • Less operation loss time of web breaks

High Coating quality:
 • Improved Cross Direction (CD) and Machine
 • Direction (MD) profile
 • No scratches, streak and film splitting

Customer's Comments -
Excellent Performance

“We greatly appreciate the excellent performance of
Voith IHI Paper Technology’s Direct Fountain Coater
head installed on the no. 4 coater in our Mill.
Thanks to Voith's reliable and pioneering innovation,
we are able to ensure that our reputation and
competitive edges will fully comply with our operation
and quality requirement for customer satisfaction.”

Direct Fountain Coater


Success Story: IntensaPulper

In times of sharply rising energy Advantages of IntensaPulper
costs, energy-saving machinery is extremely important.
With the IntensaPulper concept, Voith IHI Paper
Technology has taken another step forward in papermaking

Up to 25% energy savings is a revolutionary achievement.
For this, Voith IHI Paper Technology has received two awards:
In 2008, the company was awarded for the “Sasaki Award”
from Japan TAPPI and in 2007 for the “Palmes de l’Innovation”
at the ATIP trade fair in Grenoble, France.

The IntensaPulper works in the low consistency range and
can be used in both continuous and in batch operation.

As the key equipment in a raw material modulating facility,
increasing the defibering efficiency of the pulper, directly
increases the efficiency of the entire IntensaPulper system.
It not only reduces the power consumption rate of the whole
system, it also lessens overall facility costs.

The IntensaPulper was initially developed for pulping
of virgin furnish. However, with the most recent
IntensaPulper, which already has nine installations in
Japan, recovered paper can be pulped as well.

In the near future, Voith IHI Paper Technology also will
present an IntensaPulper for recovered paper. Nearly
all low-consistency pulpers can be retro fitted with the
IntensaTechnologyTM. A retrofit soon pays for itself with a
very fast return of investment.

Advantages of IntensaPulper

 • Investment costs saving through integrating existing
    multiple pulpers
 • Significant energy saving through downsizing the pulper
 • Significant production increase with a pulper having
    the same footprint
 • Improved outlet quality with a pulper having the same


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