Founded in 1867, Voith is one of the largest
family-owned enterprises in Europe. Voith sets
standards in paper, energy, mobility and service
markets. More than one third of the world’s paper
is manufactured on Voith Paper machines.

IHI (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries)
produces a wide array of heavy industrial machinery
and equipment. Established as a shipyard in 1853,
it is one of the oldest companies in Japan.
Voith and Voith Paper IHI Corporation
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries
Voith started out as a supplier to the paper industry
in 1867. Paper machines were mainly driven by water
wheels, therefore Voith began by producing water
turbines for energy generation. Paper machines and
turbines contain many gearwheels and gear units.
Hence it is no surprise that Voith found advanced
solutions in power transmission. Here Voith was able to
utilize its hydrodynamics know-how it had gained from
its turbine design activities.

Since then, the traditional portfolio of the company
has been supplemented by wide-ranging activities
in the area of industrial services. Nowadays, Voith
sets standards in the paper, energy, mobility and
service markets and is one of the largest family-owned
enterprises in Europe.

Voith Paper, a division of the Voith Group, is one of the
leading partners for the paper industry. As the industry’s
only complete process supplier, Voith Paper is a reliable
partner for a whole range of products and services to
improve the paper making process. Voith Paper’s closely
aligned seven subdivisions are providing continuous
paper machine innovations, enhancement components
and service expertise for the paper industry worldwide.

Engineered Reliability
Fair. Reliable. Innovative. This is Voith’s promise to our
customers and it is also the standard Voith applies to itself.

Established in 1853, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy
Industries (IHI) is one of the oldest companies in Japan.
From its beginnings as a shipbuilder, the company has
expanded its operations over the years and is operating
today in various industries including space, aviation,
energy and other industrial fields.

IHI and its partners around the world look forward to
building on the tradition of innovative leadership that
sustained our first 150 years of growth and development
We will continue to explore the engineering edge,
deploying all the resources and resourcefulness at our
disposal to construct a better world.

Explore the Engineering Edge
To bring dreams to reality, to innovate in business
and technology, to create new value. This is IHI’s
commitment to our customers.

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